Friday, 20 May 2011

"Sleeping in the dirt" issue 7

SID Issue 7 is out and it doesn't dissapoint. Check out the photo essays from Tom volk, Luke Kavajecz & mate (Fly tier/fisherman/photographer) PA Nillson's trip to New Zealand. Hopper Hoopla makes me want to fish with small foam objects and there are a couple of really great articles on Swamp buck and the Oregon mule deer. Lastly AO'S trip to New Orleans in search of Redfish really brought home what fishing is all about to me.
Quote by AO " The media in general has convinced us that by filtering content of only EPIC-Style trips that everyone you see in print and everyone you see in film tours these days,dont have bad days on the water.Thats just not how it works!.Fishing is fishing and with that an inherant risk of not finding happy fish on any given day that you find yourself on the water!" true'r words have been written.

Click image or link to visit the Ezine.....Nice work Aaron,I know how much effort goes into publishing one of these.