Thursday, 12 May 2011

The "My Ghilie" review

As you know wading is an integral part of my daily snotrocket fix here on Replot. Yet in some ways I've been hindered with only being able to take one rod out onto the water at any one time. Fishing the Replot flats as I call them, with a shorter leader and semi floating flies is fine for certain areas but not very effective when fishing over deeper channels. Which meant a lot of fart arsing around changing to longer leaders and heavier flies while thigh deep in water. Then I came across the "My Ghillie"
Which is a unique rod holding device that holds your other rod (Fly or Spinning) securely and out of the way behind the oppisite shoulder from your casting arm. The Ghillie is mounted on a two inch wide,nonabsorbing.polypro belt and is made from nonabsorbing, nonvorosive, materials and is manufactured by a chap in the States called John Mathews at CAPE LOOKOUT TACKLE .

I have to be honest here, but the 1st few times out on the water I felt a bit uneasy with the rod lying over to my left side as I constantly thought it was going to fall over but a couple of more days into the season and I didn't even notice it any more. I've even tried it with a number of different length rods (10" & 12" fly and spinning) to see whether the weight would be a problem but it stood up admirably to the test. I have mine set up for a right hander but the "My Ghillie" can be ordered for left handers as well. I do fish light, but for those that fish even lighter, I think a small bum bag for keeping extra leaders, flies, small tools or even lures handy would be a great asset......But thats only my opinion!

In addition to the ghillie, theres another tube rod holder which John calls the third hand and allows you to hold the rod while you change flies, lures or unhook a fish.....Genious!!!! No more placing the rod under my arm or across my stripping tray anymore.

I just cant praise this simple, yet awesome bit of kit enough, and I highly recommend anyone who fishes the flats in the tropics or for Sea trout here in the Baltic to get yourself one of these. It will be the best $39,95 you'll ever spend with regards to improving your days fishing. Click any of the links or the top image to visit the "My ghillie" site to order one.


pietro said...

I was just wondering if the rod behind could be on the way while casting out the fly with the other rod..probably not that much as I suppose that the one back is well leaned over the left side!
Anyway, like this it looks damn practical, especially when changing fly/lure..

All about the grab said...

Thats why you have a left or right handed ghillie so it doesn't get in the way mate...Duh!