Friday, 13 January 2012

Wiggle tails update

A couple of wiggle tail flies that bagged me a number of fish in the second half of the season. I've been very impressed with them and will most deffinetly be stocking them in my shop once I get back home in March. There are two types which will be available. the first are these softer materialed type models that aren't coated with a thin plastic layer. If I have to be honest here though,they aren't as strong and probably not so suited to pike fishing purely because they tend to rip off the back of the hook in a pikes mouth or when being pulled through thick reed or weed beds.

The slightly stiffer plastic coated models like the ones shown in this image though, are another story, and are as tough as hell and have far longer longevity of around
20 - 30 pike per tail. Even after extensive casting they still hold their shape and bare no showing of deterioration. I caught fish with all the available colours.Holographic, Blue, Red, Black, Silver, Gold.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea the rubber tail. Combined with a "jigging" action it should make the trick!

Fly Tying Company said...

Cracking looking Pike flies and I love the addition of the wiggle tails. It has given a few idea's own my own when I tie my next flies. Great article!