Monday, 30 January 2012

Fly Candy

I've called this surface fly a "Marauder" Its a combination of splayed out schlappen feathers,Bucktail and a tightly packed trimmed spun deerhair head.

I first combined Olive grizzly schlappen with plain yellow and tied three on on either side of the hook shaft splayed outwards. Then addd a couple of thickish clumps of tan bucktail around the hook shaft. The added another four schlappens,two on either side also splayed outwards.

The head is simply olive deerhair tighly packed up to the hook eye. The trick to this fly is to slice the entire bottom away with a razor blade then evenly trim away the sides upwards. It pushes a lot of water and has a real good frog like action as the schlappens spring back after every strip you make. These can be fished either with a floating line or an Intermediated.