Friday, 27 January 2012

Fly Candy

Three new Lazyboys colour schemes to be featured in my shop once I get back in March.
This one has a Chartreuse raccoon zonker tail. The body is a mix of Olive,Cream & white Bucktail with several strands of yellow rubber floss in between. The head is Natural spun deer hair trimmed Dahlberg diver stylie!! Total length 150mm

This one has a brown raccoon zonker tail with an all olive bucktail body & cream rubber floss in between. An elk hair collar with and tan brown tightly packed trimmed spun deer hair head.

This has a yellow raccoon zonker tail. Olive & white bucktail body with yellow rubber floss strands inbetween. Finished off with a two tone brown and cream trimmed spun deer hair head. Total length 150mm


Jeff said...

Well tied flies and nice color combinations. I like how the bucktail looks like it extends from the collar of the fly.

Brucis said...

Great idea!
Theese look nice, hope work well!

Flyfishermanrichard. said...


I take it thats a surface fly, unless you fish it on a sinking line? Very nice, very.

Thomas said...

Love it! nice combinations of colors Simon.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Surface and sub surface depending on the line Rich. Actually enjoy fishing them with an Intermediate at around a meter depth.