Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fly Swaps!

Sorry for not being around for the last week or so, but a trip down the South coast over the new year period and some quite painfull back problems have kept me away from the laptop. Fused Muscles in my lower back and damaged nerves have had me in hospital for a couple of days on a mix of morish pain killers! Anyway more on that when I know the true extent of the damage. Thought I'd start the week off with a couple of fly swaps I've been involved in. This stunning creation is from a fantastic fly tier Called Holger Lachman from Germany.Its a tandem rig purely made from Raccoon fur with a smattering of flash thrown in for good measure.Total length 130cm.
This over sized Sculpin pattern is from world renowned fly tier & good friend Ulf Hagstrom. I'm just digging these new sculpin fish skull heads from Flymen fishing co.

Maybe not specificaly designed for us pike fly fisherman but still very tasty all the same. They still add some fantastic extra weight to any fly you add them to and still give a wonderful jigging action to your flies that need to be fished at deeper depths.


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