Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cracker shrimp

Been fishing down at the harbour on the low tide a lot over the last month on what I call "The Durban Flats". Exposed sandbanks that can be waded out to as the tide receeds. Fish like Springer and Trevally patrol between the deeper drop off channels and the shallower bays chasing the mullet down and so tiny baitfish patters have been the normal fly of choice. However there are a hell of a lot of Sole and flatheads in the harbour as well that love the odd crustacean offered to them so I've tied up a number of feastly delights for them

Cracker shrimp (Alpheus crassimanus) live in small holes all over the sand banks and are gobbled up by Spotted Grunter, Flaties, Snapper, Sole & eels. Around 50mm - 65mm in length they can be a deadly bait on any given day.

I first added a couple of mono filement eyes. Then added the front pincers which are made from elastic bands. I then attached a tiny dumbell eye towards the back of the 1/0 long shanked hook. I then palmered pearl chenille down the length of the hook shaft for the body. Then added several strands of cream floss rubber legs. Then finnished off the flies with a tail under the hook eye.

Male Cracker shrimp are slightly browner in colouration so I used tan bucktail for the legs,Some grizzly saltwater hackels splayed outwards for the pincers & used tan wool dubbing for the main body. Click images for larger view!


Erik said...

Nice bugs Simon, but one question remains: Did you catch anything?

All about the grab said...

I have but taking pictures of smallish fish is last on my agenda.

Jeff said...

Pretty cool Simon. Thanks for posting some of your other fishing adventures.