Monday, 22 November 2010

Schiels Salamander & Frog flies

Sorry but the company that produced these are untracable these days....Thats a pitty cause these flies were dynamite!


Jota said...

Hello Simon!
These flies look really nice, for pike and sure for bass too!
Is there a step by step anywhere?
I would like to tie some of this flies, and a step by step will help a lot.
Thanks for your good work in this blog!!!
Best regards from Portugal!

All about the grab said...

There isn't an SBS for these flies Jose. Would be great.It looks like the company that stocked these flies is unavailable as the website is blocked for some reason.

Thanks for the kind words though regarding PikeFFArticles brother.

Jota said...

Hello again,
I just have found this

Tight lines!

José - Porto - Portugal

ridderbos3 said...