Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Fly Candy

How I've missed using these flies this year......Still, at least these are going to a good home.

1 x bottling cork...dremmel front out, then spray paint black
Start by attaching popper head to hook shaft (See below)
Then take 2 pink & 2 x red schlappen feathers and tie on splayed outwards facing
Then add a couple of strands of flash
Then palmer on 2 x orange marabou hairline feathers
then palmer on 2 x red marabou hairline feathers.
Stick a couple of rattling eyes on the popper head
Jobs a good en!

One can wrap some soft foam around the hook shaft then attach by wrapping cotton around it, but I have found this the best method for attaching cork popper heads to my hook shaft. Build three balls up towards the front end of the hook. Once this is done,coat with super glue and slide the cork popper head over.