Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Charity fly auction

So if you remember, you can put yourself inline to win this Pikesaber rod by guessing how much will be made from the fly auction I will hold to be able to donate the proceedings towards the Casting for recovery organisation. Anyone can enter by either contacting me through the contact form in the right column or leave your answers in the comments section of this post. Those that send me materials + a hook to tie a decent pike fly with,will be given 5 extra guesses.

Anyway materials have started arriving from people which I'm rather stoked about. Rok Jesenko sent me this pile of goodies + 8 of his own flies towards the auction which I will show once I have taken images of them. Thanks for theses Rok.

So last night I started with this selection from him,some natural fox zonker strip ,Bucktail and some fluoro orange craft fur and came up with this beast below.

I started by adding a mono loop at the back ontop of the hook shaft for a zonker guard.Then added a 100mm strip of the natural fox zonker.Then added some of the orange craft fur. Gave a decent collar of the longer bucktail then spun some shorter piece for the head area.

I've called this fly the Hairy-bomber. Anyway keep on sending me those 5 different materials + a hook (3/0 or larger) for this worthy cause and put yourself in line to win the rod.


RokSAN said...

Good job Simon!
nice, simple fly! and it works perfect.
i hope you will make a lot of flies and earn a enough money for your / our purpose!

Jeff said...

That beast will catch just about everything that swims in freshwater. Nice tie.