Thursday, 11 November 2010

2010 season stats!

It’s taken me four or five days to go through & compile all the results, but as like last year, I’ve documented as accurately as possible the stats from each of my day’s outings. There will be some out there that’ll question some of these statistics as rubbish, while some won’t believe me either……Well, that’s fishermen I suppose, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions……Its funny though, that isn’t it always those that have such a high opinion that are generally the ones that fish maybe 2 or 3 times per month….or even less, yet seem to know everything there is about the sport.. Anyway here they are.

1) I fished from (April 22nd – Nov 5th) - 204 consecutive days, averaging 3hrs per day. During the weekends off course, more time was dedicated to chucking fluff

2) I wasn’t sure whether I should put the final tally in purely because of my opening comments but

3) I caught 1037 pike - averaging 4.8 per day

4) I’ve released 1028 pike back

5) I took 9 pike home for the table

6) I had 29 blanks this season - This I put down to the extremely hot summer we experienced, and a late ice melt off in the spring. Also, 9 of these days were completely calm days with no wind and zero surface disturbances.Had I not had so many blanks I'm sure my average catch rate would have been a lot higher!

7) I caught 218 pike below 65cm

8) 292 between 65cm – 75cm

9) 427 between 75cm – 85cm

10) 88 between 85cm – 95cm

11) 9 between 95cm – 105cm

12) 1 x 106cm, 1 x 112cm, 1 x 118cm

13) I caught 6 pike over a meter in length

14) 3 x PB’s 106cm, 112cm & a 118cm

15) I caught 472 with floating lines & 562 with intermediate lines

16) I started this season as I ended last with one rod set up with a 60lb mono leader trace but scrapped it directly after the tournament due to what I’d seen through a couple of lost fish. I did catch 7 fish before scrapping the system.

17) I have since only used a wire trace on both rods and caught the remaining amount using this method.

18) I caught 9 pike with my 1st cast of the session

19) I caught 441 fish on sunny/partly cloudy days & 596 fish on overcast/rainy days.

20) I’ve used, tried, and in some cases tested 12 different Intermediate & floating lines.

21) I’ve had to pull a hook out of my body on 13 occasions this season, and no, I’m not a shit caster, I just don’t let 18m/per/sec winds stop me from fishing.

22) I caught 381 using tube flies……317 were with raccoon bunny tubes.

23) I caught 738 pike with attractor patterns & 299 with baitfish patterns

Most popular colours with attractor patterns

Green/yellow 32
Chartreuse/white 114
Olive/brown/gold 62
Pink/white 126
Red/white 86
Orange/black 91
Turquoise/blue/white 22
Black/white 38
Yellow/Orange 19
Flash 55
Pink/Black 22
Yellow/white 17
Others mixed 27
Turquoise/white 19
Blue/white 8

Most popular baitfish colour patterns

Perch 44
Herring 36
Red/black 24
Red/white 38
Purple/blue/black 41
Black 27
Orange/white 9
White/Black 16
Black/yellow 33
Black/pink 31

Some more to follow in a couple of days


Jens said...

Thanks for the stats, very useful for anyone who fishes the baltic. I will be applying them next season on the eastern side of Gräsö.

Anonymous said...

Awesome mate!

Concerning the colour patterns:

Have You been fishing with them as much with each pattern as possible?


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

As you know Jani I go through my phases and choice of fly depends on the seasons but I try to use all manner of flies. Will be using smaller and more realistic patterns for the summer next season just to see whether they improve the catch rate.

Djuza said...

Hi Simon.
very impressive stats.I think I will have do my stats too next year.

I hope you still can do some flyfishing at Replot this year.

Jeff said...

Awesome stats. It's really fun to read through them considering they are coming from someone who is out on the water so often.

Did you keep track of how many were caught on the 2 handed rods this season?

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Looking through the stats Jeff 17 were caught with a double handed rod + the Japanese clients I had caught over 140 pike in 3 days.

I have to admit I only fished with my double handed rod on 7 occassions.This is going to change next season though.

Clif said...

great googily moogily man, I bow to your dedication.

Bruce Deschamps said...

Amazing stats! Very professional, clear, detailed! Everything one pike on the fly addict would need!


Anonymous said...

Excellent statistics, thank you a lot!

A couple of questions:
1. Did you notice any difference in number of catches between the morning and afternoon sessions?

2. Did the bigger flies caught bigger pikes the smaller ones?


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Looking through I caught 672 in the afternoon sessions and 365 in the morning sessions.This I put down to the water being slightly warmer in the afternoons. and regarding big flies I caugh all my big fish this season on flies no bigger than 110mm. Maybe in the Netherlands where they like to fish with extremely big flies 220mm to catch bug fish, but here on the Baltic there is so much baitfish that one needs to match the hatch or their prey.

Jabala said...


Nice statistics. With that many fish caught and that many days on water you can rely on those numbers and get a better image about the right way to go.

I really like your stats about the colour patterns. I really need to test those black and generally dark colours as I have neglected them for some reason.

Also, a nice notice about the size of the fly. I've also gone to moderate sized flies as they npot only seem to catch more fish but also they seem to catch as many bigger fish just as well. It's just so much more comfortable to use flies smaller than 150mm anyway.

Great and inspiring article!