Thursday, 25 November 2010

Fly Candy

Rumaging through my fly image folder I found these weighted jigging tube flies I tied several months back for Zander/Walleye/Kuha, using the new Eumer weighted jigging heads for tubes. The heads come in a variety of different weight and sizes and slide directly into the front of the tube once you've finished tying on your materials.

Zander are primerily fished for here with using rubber wobbler lures with great success so I was looking for a material which would give off a similar action under the water,which Raccoon zonker fur does. They aren't necessary but I added small rubber worms to the hooks just to add some extra movement.

With a 9" #10 rod you don't even feel the extra weight from the jigging heads like you do with the new fishskulls. Anyway these caught me several nice Zander at Kyrosjarvi but have been particularly effective catching Perch here around the island.

This white/Chartreuse and the Orange/brown below have been my most productive colour combinations thus far. Nearly all the takes using these flies were made when the fly was on the drop which the weighted heads do so admirably. Anyway if your looking for a new addition to your fly collection and you tie with tubes like I do then find a Eumer dealer in your area and get yourself some of these weighted tube jigging heads.


Unknown said...

I must say again that I´m so envious of your "ideabank".New flies day after day.I got just one idea in my head emerging.


All about the grab said...

And whats that Idea Djuza?