Friday, 13 February 2009

Tight arse!

I’m sometimes as tight as a low flying seagulls arse when it comes to buying fly tying materials. In fact I’ve been known to rummage through dustbins on the odd occasion in the hope of finding something useful inside one. This isn’t because I feel these materials are over priced………well some can be!, but I’ve become quite a scrounger and am constantly on the look out for products that could be used in my flies that stop me from dipping my hands into my ever deepening pockets. My guinea fowl feathers are testament to that. I do use natural materials like furs & feathers on my flies, but I prefer to use a lot more man made products, than anything else. This probably came about due to me realizing through trial and error, that tinsels and flash strips are a lot easier to cast as they retain less water …..…which is a big help especially if its an all day session.Anyway to cut a long story short, while in Vaasa yesterday I popped into the Craft shop to see what I could scrounge and came out with a bag full of materials for under € 16,00
2 x party wigs with assorted multi coloured strands of hair
5 x multi coloured sheets of foam
6 packets multi coloured marabou feathers
2 packets (Red/Blue) goose quills
2 bobbbins of cotton
1 packet of multi coloured sequins
1 meter each (Maroon/Green) artificial fur strips
2 meters gold and silver strand
And 1 packet of last Christmases red and silver tinsel. Now if that’s not a bargain ….I don’t know what is!
Yes I’m a Tight arse!……….. and I’m proud of it!