Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Living in the dark ages

Now if you have never been here before I can truly say (and this is not because I live here or run a fishing tours business either) that Finland has to be if not one of the best fishing destinations in Europe. With 180 000 lakes, 200 rivers (found in some of the best untouched wilderness there is)….Oh!..... and lets not forget the Baltic sea to fish on or around…… you truly are spoilt for choice. We have Salmon, Trout (Rainbow, Brown & Arctic Char & Sea trout) Greyling, Ide, Zander (Pike-perch/Walleye), Northern Pike, Perch, Rudd, Crucian carp to name just a few species…..So why is it that so many anglers out there don’t know to much about this fantastic fishing destination?…..and what knowledge they do have is very limited. Well there are numerous reasons for this and over the next week or so I’ll try and iron out these factors.

Most peoples perceptions of Finland are of Nokia mobile phones, Snow, Rally drivers, Sauna, Father Christmas, Reindeer, Lakes and forests and lets not forget Eddie the Eagle and Monty Pythons satirical song “Finland, Finland, Finland … …well this is how the finish tourism board have marketed their country. …..yet with an un-decipherable language and English probably their fourth string choice behind Swedish and German, coupled with that a rather drab and less than adventurous cuisine, and an extreme lack of ingenuity with regards to evening programs, decent Countryside bed and breakfasts and such poor available information on the internet about all aspect of this country than you would care to think, is there any wonder why Finland is given a skip by most travelers.

Finland’s fishing tours business is no different and although well established is truly lagging behind the rest of the world and until something or someone stands up and realizes this, it will stay in the dark ages for many years to come.

Most of the organizations here are being run by ignorant twats (Likable to those running the Professional footballers association or the All England Cricket Club) All have waited years for their position at the top, and as they are old school by nature, are reluctant to change what they think is a winning formula……and yet how wrong they are…. which in hindsight is having a truly detrimental effect on the fishing tours industry here. We have a number of splinter groups all vying to be the number one association which isn’t helping matters to say the least, as each have there own take on how the franchise should be run so nothing seems to progress in a positive forward motion. The fishing tours industry alone could bring in millions of euros annually of much need revenue to Finland’s economy…………So over the next week I will delve into the subject to vent my frustration and hopefully get a few things of my chest…..well that’s what Pikeflyfishingarticles.blogspot.com is all about……innit!