Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Double pike streamer

Here is another buck-tail streamer being tied in by Eiland van Maurik. The difference here he has tied in a double hook system which although adds immense volume to the overall fly and looks very cool, I just find the back hook a little loose for my liking. The trailing hook needs to be a tied in a lot stiffer. With so much movement like this fly has, chucking it becomes extremely hard going………..Trust me I have tied and cast a few like this, and I have found they invariably double over themselves during their movement through the air. This causes a lot more wind resistance, so don’t expect to be casting this fly extremely long distances. What’s great about this fly though Is that one can tie in man made materials with the buck-tail as well depending on how creative you want to be.


David Edwards said...

Tandems are great for those occassions where more volume is needed (coloured water)... I have a mylar tube that connects both flies (over the wire) and this has the effect of stiffening the fly up; one I made earlier !! A great fly for the margins!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Yes I remember that one now Dave.It looks a lot stiffer than the one in this video.and to be honest a lot sexier as well.