Saturday, 14 February 2009

If you could take just one fly along........what would it Be?

I was having a read through “Flies & Finns” fly-fishing forum the other day and one of the topics that was being thrown around was “If you could only take one fly out trout fishing with you, which one would you choose?”. Which off course got me thinking in terms of what fly would I choose with regards to fly-fishing for pike? If I was lure fishing then there would only be one answer and that would definitely have to be a KUUSAMO spinner/spoon combination …………but that is another talking point for a later topic.

With regards to a pike fly, and if it came down to the crunch of being able to only take one fly out with for a sessions fishing, I would have to go for a white feathered streamer with some red & white marabou feathers tied onto the front. This is off course if I was fishing between the times of an hour after dawn and an hour before dusk. I have caught more pike with this fly than any other fly over the last 12 yrs. (In all conditions I might add). In fact I invariably slip one on during the course of a session, and 6 out of 10 ten times I get a strike with it. What’s great about this fly is that it’s simple to tie up. All one needs is several small white chicken feathers slightly varying in length tied in along either side of the hook shank and some red & white marabou feathers placed in at the front………..eyes unimportant.

Now if I was fishing during the times of “Dawn or Dusk” I would use a black feathered streamer or even dark purple with a few strands of red slinky fiber tied in along its flanks. I prefer to use a darker fly for low light conditions. I’m not saying these streamers are my favourite flies but if I could only use one fly for the day, then this type would be the one sure bet fly for me.I would be interested to hear what fly you would take with you for a sessions fishing.