Monday, 9 February 2009

Jaymorr fly-fishing & photography blog

Every now and then I stumble across a fly-fishing blog that just simply blows me away. 6 months ago when I stared pike fly fishing articles I came acroos JAYMORR’S fly-fishing and photography site through another blogger Deesox. Jay hails from Utah and his site is worth the visit for its stunning fly-fishing images and nature photography alone.

Click his banner to visit his site


JayMorr said...


I appreciate the warm comments. I enjoy your blog posts. You have some great work yourself.

One of these days I hope to have an opportunity to come visit.

Tight lines~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing a great flyfishing site. The pictures on that site are amazing.

All about the grab said...

Jay:Your most welcome mate.your work deserves to be out there and if this helps in some small way...all the better.

Deanne:They are and they just get better and better.It wont be long before somebody sees Jays work and he becomes a house hold name.Interesting site you have yourself.