Friday, 20 August 2010

Looking to the future

I've known Mathias now for some time through his father who I met while teaching pike fly fishing on a fishing guides course being held here in Vaasa last September. He's been following PikeFFArticles religiously for over a year and often emails me with questions about the sport.

Anyway he sent me these images the other week of a few jacks he's managed to bag while out on his boat for my readers fish porn section. I'm looking forward to taking him out for a days fishing as soon as I have a free couple of days over a weekend.

Chucking fluff at mike the pike is slowly gaining popularity here in Finland,especially within the younger generation When I moved here 6 yrs ago there were very few giving it a go,So seeing lads like Mathias becoming mad for it Snotrocketliners gives hope for the future of the sport.Thanks for these Mathias, you'll be hearing from me soon mate.


Mathias said...

Cheers for this Simon!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Your welcome Mathias