Monday, 9 August 2010

Fly Candy

Tied up some cross over fry patterns yesterday. I'm running short on perch flies and these will keep me going till the middle of September when they slowly go off the bite.

I used Tiemco 811s 3/0 hooks for these babies. Simple construction. Placed a sprig of white bucktail on the underneath of the hook shaft and then a sprig of yellow above. Then wrapped some Uni Mylar Holographic silver around that. Stuck a couple of eyes on then Bug-Bonded everything up until the bend of the hook.

This one I used Grey bucktail and blue eyes.

This one is chartreuse with red eyes

And finally a Brown with silver eyes.

These will last me a few seasons here at least. What I do like about these is how well the clarity of the bug-bond has brought out all the colours of the eyes,bucktail and especially the Holographic Mylar.