Thursday, 12 August 2010

The French revolution

Not long back I was fortunate to be able to spend 5 days guiding a couple of french lads Jean-Sebastien and Stephane who were out scouting for new areas to bring prospective pike anglers too, other than Vastervyk in Sweden. Fishing was tough and as a guide your always under a bit more pressure when guys like these come out to put them onto the fish. Most fellas when they fish this island suddenly realise how truly huge the fishing grounds around here are. You could fish a different area every day for a whole season and never see another boat on the water. That's how little sport fishing pressure this area has. Even Netting is at a minimum.

Anyway I very rarely manage to get my camera out to take snaps all the time.....well there are more important things to be doing you know! So I'm dependant on clients sending me some which Stephane has kindly done. Thanks for these Stephane, especially the catch and release images.