Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fly candy

More flash flies using the dubbing brush tool on my vise. This one is made with gold and silver Xmas tinsel baught down at the local supermarket in December.

This one is with Blue Xmas tinsel and some turquoise bucktail thrown in.

This one I started by 1st adding a clump of Dark brown fine tinsel tapering the ends.Then added a gold clump. Then a dubbing brush of the green/silver & gold fine tinsel.

This is just a classic red/silver version and has been quite successful over the last few weeks.Jani had a couple the other night with one head tied up using the same colur scheme.The difference being he used red deer hair for the front of the fly.

Another Goldy mix Xmas tinsel flash streamer. Have to say though that I'm finding the fine tinsel a lot easier to work with than the thicker strips like this one is constructed from. I've also found the finer tinsel flies far easier to cast as they are less wind resistant aswell.


dk said...

I dig these flies. I've been trying to fish murky water with no success and I think these might help me out. I'd never thought of tying the entire fly out of tinsel!