Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Pontooning in Denmark

Pike on the fly In Denmark is very popular, especially from Pontoon boats. The more I read up about these crafts the more I want to buy one. And from looking at footage like in yesterdays post and this one today, the more I wish I hadn’t bought my float tubes a few years back. Not that my float tubes don’t do the trick or aren’t up to job I just think pontoon boats are far more practical. I like the fact that you sit more elevated giving you a better line of view. My one gripe with float tubes is that you sit so low in the water that it becomes quite difficult to get decent back casts in and so one just cant get the distances one looks for especially when having to chuck large wads of fluff all day.

Anyway I found this website yesterday called Pontonland.dk run buy a Danish chap called Ivor Thordal which then led me to his other site Ivars.dk which in turn then led me to this top pike on the fly video on YouTube. Which I’m sure not many of you have seen before.


Anonymous said...

hey Simon I have @ and tell you they are way better than float tubes. We use them on carmi for short trips...well in one pic you commented on of mine I was in the "toon". Shop around I got the best deal from ODC.....Ken

Swebbe said...

Hey again Simon. Only real advantages u have with a float tube vs. the pontoon is probably that they take up alot less space when not inflated and transported and also the weight ofc. Plus the fact that when u sit alot lover and have more of ur body immersed in water u wont drift as much in the wind as with the pontoons. But yes they are amazing fishing machines and my fishing buddy also recently bought one of those blue models from pontonland.dk when they were in stock. U get alot more effortless casts and when u wanna cover a distance u just flick the oars out and use them a tad. Well if u haven't already found this site: http://brakvand.dk/ - go have a look, its the guy called "Henrik Leth" that is a close friend of Ivar that runs the site. He is also in the video u showed.

It's ofc all in danish but if u need any translations that translate.google.com can't handle just ask me ;) He also sports a good deal of video and other info and material. Alot of it is pike fishing in Gudenaaen with fly.

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Actually that's where I got this video from.there are some great pike flies on his site as well.Thanks for the heads up.