Saturday, 13 June 2009

Eagles vs Wolf

As the storm last week set me back a week and with pretty miserable weather forecast also for this weekend I have put my "In to the Wild" trip on hold for 2 weeks. Its mid summer here midweek which means a 5 day spell at our summer cottage from Thursday so will do the trip on the 26th/27th & 28th instead. So you still have time to submit your entries for a couple of free "Baltic pike flies".

Getting away from fishing for today, As I'm a passionate birder I was sent this the other day about Hunting wolves with Golden eagles which I thought You all might like to have a look at. Years back in South Africa I was involved with the Filming of Crowned Eagles at Kranskloof Gorge for David Attenborough BBC's "The life of Birds" series and was privileged to witness theses majestic birds bringing Dogs back to the nest so it came as no surprise to me that Golden Eagles were able to hunt wolves and bring these powerful creatures down.


Anonymous said...

Big bad birds!
They also like german shepherd for lunch, a friend told me.
Very interesting video!


Anonymous said...

I have a new found respect for those birds! Very cool!!!!! ken