Sunday, 21 June 2009

Durex kicks ass

I was adamant to get out and use the Durex condom Pike streamer this weekend, and it didn’t disappoint…….in fact it kicked ass! Went out yesterday morning with the mother of all hangovers and a none to cooperative wind to contend with, but 7 casts in and bang, the Durex proved itself. I have to admit its not the most streamlined fly to cast but once in the water it really does have fantastic movement and came into its own. I will definitely be making a few more of these….maybe in some of the multi coloured brands.

Unfortunately with everyone still in bed and no one to man a camera I Only managed to take a quick snap of its head with the fly in its gob just to prove to you its possible.

Anyway last night around 22h30 myself n Lena went out for an hour and 2nd cast in with the Durex condom streamer I had this on the end of my line. Lena just sat there in amazement.

So to all you out there that though it was just a gimmick, then stick that in yer pipe ‘n smoke it!


Anonymous said...

Simon Graham....pike fly innovater and master jedi, your the man dude!

Clif said...

Don't forget to try different flavors!

WM said...

I knew the Durex would produce, read on-

All hail Durex!