Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Competition time!

So as promised, it’s time to give away that Pikesaber rod with carry case to some reader, and I’ve come up with a cool way for doing so. If you’ve been following PikeFFArticles for some time you’ll know I sometimes love to fish with some pretty obscure shit tied onto my hook.

What I’m looking for is for 25 readers to send me 5 separate materials + a hook to tie the materials onto. Materials can be anything you desire from flash, plastic rope, Synthetics, feathers, doctor’s rubber gloves….your choice, but should be enough to produce a decent pike fly with. As and when the materials arrive, I will then tie up a fly from them, photograph them + the materials used, and then put the collection of flies up for auction on a web based auction site. All the money obtained from the auction will then be donated to “Casting for recovery Alaska” which is part of the national program to help breast cancer survivors heal - both physically and emotionally - through weekend fly-fishing retreats.

To put yourself in line to win the rod, entrants must predict as close as to the amount made from the auction of the flies. Anyone can enter, but for an added incentive, those that send me an envelope of materials + hook, will be given 5 extra guesses each.

Materials must be sent to

Baltic pike flies
Söderövägen 31

So although there is a rod to be given away, there is a bigger picture here with regards to this competition, as the proceeds go to a truly worthy cause. Leave your answers here in the comments section of this post or you can enter them through the contacts form in the right hand column of this blog. For those that have a blog and follow this one….please spread the word, I’m hoping this is going to generate a lot of interest.


Marco Milardi said...

I'll spread the word around. Promise.

That is a truly nice idea and a worthy cause. I have some really nice dressing materials for you but no suitable hook for them (only 5/0 texas rigs ones), I'll try to get my hands on one asap.

Oh, I almost forgot. My uneducated guess is 87 euros.

pietro said...

Hi Simon,
great competition! Just a question, which is the deadline for sending you the tying material?

All about the grab said...

No deadline Pietro but the quicker the materials get sent in the better. I actually hoping for more than 25 people to send through some materials...as I will be able to generate more to donate. I will put a cap on the limit though if there are to many.