Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mike Schmidt's Double Deceiver

Here's a great tutorial from Brian Wise tying one of Mike Schmidt's double decievers which I featured some time ago. I do like this fly a lot but there are two things you should be aware of when tying this fly. Firstly with all double tandem rigs like this, its better to have the trailing hook pointing upwards. This will give you double hooking posibilities in either the top or the bottom of the mouth. Always remember to use a hook size 2 sizes smaller than the main body hook as the fly will track better through the retrieve.

The second thing to look out for when tying in doubles is never run the cotton over the wire down the bend of the hook. Keep the wire streight with the main body hook shank as it will also allow the fly to swim better. With the extra added weight of the beads and being tied on down the bend of the hook you have a tail that not only looks unnatural but will affect the way the fly swims overall.