Thursday, 17 May 2012

Eastern Trophies - CK Musky tails

Around three yrs ago Rowland Frasier came out here to fish and brought with him a set of flies that he'd cut & tied using a product called "Micro fiber" which I was very impressed with once I'd seen them swimming. Anyway Here is a "New" product coming out of the States from Originator Chuck Kraft by "Eastern trophies fly fishing" called (Musky CK Baitfish tails, Musky Streamer tails & Musky curly tails) that have a lot of similarities to Paolo Pacchiarini's wiggle tails except they are made from a different material and around 6" inches long. They even go as far as to say that these tails will out last your hook!......mmm!, bold statement. Having fished with some tails I made from Rowland's micro fiber they certainly didn't out last the hook especially with the amount of fishing I get through. Saying that though, I can see a lot of thought has gone into their design by Chuck with regards to adding extra tag ends to the tails for strengthening purposes when attaching them to a hook and I think he is on to a winner here. 

These are the Musky CK Baitfish tails  that come in a multitude of colours

These are the Musky CK Streamer tails that also come in a variety of colours.
These are the Musky Curly tails which are a little larger than Paolo's wiggle tails but I'm surprised that Chuck hasn't added some extra tag ends on these tails for extra strengthning. Past experience fishing with this style of tail is they never last that long due to the thinning of the tail near the hook bend. Anyway as I'm just getting started with my challenge I'm going to be allocating a day once a week for the spring season to test these tails to the max, and If they get a day like I had yesterday, and they last the pace and the hook they are tied onto, then I'll be over the moon. You'll be reading my over all thoughts on these new tails in the coming month. If your interested in giving these a bash then why not get hold of the boys at "Eastern Trophies fly fishing" and get yourself some to try out.