Friday, 11 May 2012

Fly Swaps - Nick Granato

If there is one fly tier I've been itching to do a fly swap with, it has to be with Nick Granato from "Fly Obsession" . I have huge admiration with guys tying skills and to be honest I was beside myself when an envelope arrived in the post the other day containing some free swag from him.
For me this is proper fly porn at the highest level. Not only are these flies eye catching but one can see a lot of thought has gone into their construction, and I have to be honest here and say for their size and bulk have to be some of the lightest flies I've ever come pun intended, being fly porn n all!
With names like "El chupacabra", "The Ghetto Tramp" " The Truffle shuffle" & "The Sasquatch" Nick has been able to come up with a truly unique design of fly for himself, using materials us Europeans wouldn't generally consider placing on a hook for a toothy critter,yet makes a lot of sense if you realy think about it. Combining flash,Synthetics, feathers and his own brand of flash dubbing...oh and some rubber off course, these flies are wonderful to cast and especially fish me I took a couple out the other day for a sneaky peak test run!

In the envelope were a couple of sample bags of a new flash dubbing he's be working on for sometime which I will certainly find a use for. Nicks flies are being sold through a number of internet shops "Raineys" , "Eastern Trophies" to name a few. Nick!....... thanks for these, they are the absolute bollocks mate I cant tell you how chuffed I am to have a set of your flies.


Jeff said...

He does some amazing work. You are lucky to get your hands on those flies.

Unknown said...

Nick was the among first pike fly tiers I had ever seen. Along with you Simon. Outstanding, original work very artistic and effective... You both have inspired me at my vise to a new level of tying. Looking forward to sending you another dose in the next few weeks...