Thursday, 24 June 2010

Pike fly kit

International pike fly-fishing expert, Brian Lile demonstrates a simple kit for pike fly fishing.


fishgear said...

Fly Rod
When we have decided on our type of fly rod we need to decide on our line weight and length of rod. If you are going to fish small streams 15’ across a shorter rod might be in order. But an average 8 ½ foot is about right for most of our fishing needs as length goes. As I think most of our fishing is in the 20 foot to 40 foot range casting range a 8 ½ foot rod gives us good leverage and casting power.
Line weight is somewhat determined by the fish we will be fishing for. But a good all-around weight forward floating 6wt is a good choice and one that you won’t go wrong with on most streams. A weight forward floating line will load our rod quickly and is good for flies from dries to terrestrials and into a moderate wind on our medium action rod.
For a balanced system we ill need a 6wt fly reel for our rod. A good reel can be bought for $50+ after all its basic use is to hold the line. You as the fisher person do 99% of the work. Get a disk drag reel. Any good fly fishing book or store clerk can show you how to put backing and your line on your reel.