Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fly Candy

Another couple of mirror image baitfish patterns I tied the other week. Jeff over at *flyfishjeff blog was asking the other daywhat colours have been working best for me so far this season. Well If you've been out fishing with me you'll know I only take 5 flies with me in the morning and the same 5 flies in the evening. At this time of the year I generally close my eyes and grab the 1st fly that touches my fingers, and will fish with that fly until I catch a fish. With the amount of pike we have here around the island on average I catch between 2 & 3 pike per 2 hrs session.

The other evening in blustery conditions myself & Jani produced a blank but I'd fished with a red n white bunny the whole session. Missed a nice 80cm pike towards the end of the evening. If I go out tonight I will start with that fly until I catch something on it then will change to one of the other 4 flies in my box. Orange and pink have been working quite well so maybe thats because of the confdence I'm getting from them you'll find one or 2 colours going out with me in the morning or afternoon.

This isnt the raccoonbunny I'm using but it did very well for me down in Merikarvia. Once I do catch on the bunnybug Rowland gave me I will change rigs and fish with a tube fly........colour to be decided when the time arises. Sure, some colours obviously work better than others but overall every colour I use bags me a fish.I'll only know what all the stats will be when I tally up everything at the end of the season.


Milos said...

Don't know why but I've never made or fish on any Lt. Blue streamer. What's your experience with that color?

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Here on the Baltic Milos Blue works very well.I seem to catch regulary with it. A lot of hardware chuckers(plugs) use blue coloured lures here and the fishing shops have a large array of blue poppers,Rappalas,plugs,Spinners for sale.

Milos said...

Awesome. Will definitely give it a try asap.

Nancy from Fishing Australia said...

This is really innovative bait fly