Monday, 14 June 2010

Fly Candy

The severe winter we experienced here this year in Finland has definitely affected the fishing around the island. How I'm not sure yet, but one thing is for sure I'm not the only one who is noticing it. Many of the proffesional fishermen have noted that catch numbers are down especially with regard to Perch n Whitefish.

Last week was spent with some french fishing journalists and although it started well with over 65 pike caught in the 1st two days, the number of fish brought to the boat dropped considerably towards the end of the week. Sure the weather plays a big part in the feeding habits of pike especially if water temps drop quickly or change from a high pressure to a low pressure and if your one that follows moon phases then last week definitly wasn't a good moon phase cycle. Areas that held good numbers of pike the previous day just didn't fish well the following day. Had the pike moved or were they well fed, or was it the weather & water conditions affecting them?

Frustrating fishing to say the least....But hey thats why we go fishing and if everyday was a good days fishing then not only would that become boring but we wouldn't learn anything about our intended quarry,would we! Anyway I was out a couple of hours each day over the weekend trying out some of these pink and grey baitfish patterns and although I managed serveral jacks with them casting in near blustery conditions dampened my spirits some what. I've been very impressed with this mirror image though even though I'm not a big synthetics fan.

It swims really well and is surprisingly tough for a fine material. These are a blend of Steelhead silver,salmon pink & Misty black with a small sprig of Cherry arctic fox for the chin.