Monday, 26 January 2009

Loops pike leaders

LOOP also produce and sell their own Pike leaders as well. Whether these leaders have been specifically developed by LOOP for pike fly fishing is anyone's guess as any length of line with a breaking strain over 28lbs will do the trick. Anyway they come in 2.2m lengths with 27 lbs breaking strain so are strong enough for what you will need. I personally use a slightly higher rated leader of 32 lbs breaking strain doubled over, but always keep a packet of this in my rod travel case, just for emergency purposes.


David Edwards said...

Simon, does it have wire in it or is it just hard mono or fluorocarbon??


Anonymous said...

Its just hard mono David.think what they have done is just get some leaflets printed up and placed them in the packaging with the LOOP logo enblazened on them.The pike wire is ok but lacks any memory an gets kinked a lot more than I would like.

dry flies and deadbaits said...

I never bother with fancy leader's when i'm chasing pike, I use a level leader of 15lb mono attached to a 1.5ft wire trace, the weight of the fly turns over the leader no problem so i don't see the point in tying up complicated rigs.