Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bucktail pike streamer by Ad swiers

He is another tutorial from Ad Swier showing you how to tie a "Bucktail streamer".Although in dutch it is quite easy to follow after a few times of watching the video.This is another great fly with lots of volume for you to try tying up.It took me at least 4 attempts before I felt confident I was getting the desired effect I wanted, but this is a very good fly indeed. I have tied this in darker colours Purple,brown and dark blue combinations and has been quite successful used in the early evenings and at dawn.


s.howlett said...

The christmas decoration is a good tip as you don't actually have to buy some items from the fly fishing shop. Craft shops and old sewing kits are great looking for unusual materials to tie flies. Great action from this fly when it's wet.

simon said...

Actually some of my best buys have come from craft shops.We have a fantastic shop in Vaasa that stocks all manner of materials which arn't that far different from materials baught from a specialist fly-tying shop and are probably half the price.

dry flies and deadbaits said...

There is a huge craft shop in glasgow called hobbycraft that is a goldmine for fly tiers, especially those that tie pike flies. You can get massive packs of flashabou type stuff for less than a third of the price you'd pay in a tackle shop. They sell all sorts of stick on eyes for pimping out your crations. Its an awesome shop.