Sunday, 28 December 2008

Durban harbor flats fishing

So it was my mate David’s birthday yesterday and we decided to celebrate it with a fishing session off the sand banks in Durban harbor. We arrived around 08h00 just as the tide was going out. This is the closest thing to flats fishing Durban has, all be it for a short period of around an 3 hours. We waded out and it wasn’t long before we saw all manner of fish (Mullet, Springer, Grunter & Kingfish) darting between channels desperately feeding up before the sand banks became totally exposed. Conditions were perfect, slightly overcast with a slight breeze. It took only ten minutes before I was able to distinguish the recognizable shape of a decent sized Stump nose’s tail poking out the water. I cast my prawn imitation around 3m in front of its nose and waited for the fish to swim towards it. I found myself talking to myself wishing it to snaffle up the fly but it showed no interest. I took twenty or so steps forward, following it and re cast over it again….this time landing within two meters from its nose……It must have seen it…I said! It turned towards the sinking prawn but at the last moment it darted away. I cast several more times at it without any luck before it moved out in to the deeper channel of the Bay.
Dave spent the morning stuck to one spot, fishing for grunter with small crabs, while I slowly moved up and down the sand bank casting along the deep drop off areas.

Although I didn’t manage to hook in to a kingfish or Springer I did manage to catch this Flattie which took a minnow imitation. Its hard to believe but these fish are one of the best tasting fish in the sea and had it been bigger I would have had it on the Barbie last night. All in all a top morning fishing in Durban’s harbor, off the sandbank flats.