Thursday, 11 December 2008

African adventures

Well the move to Vaasa has finally happened and we now have Internet connected so I'm back on line.Went fishing the other day all be it with my little bait casting rig but with a howling wind with a chill factor of -8'c I didn't expect to catch was just nice to get out for a while from unpacking and smell the ocean air again.
As I have mentioned before, although this blog is dedicated to fly-fishing for pike I will be in South Africa for the next 3 months due to family matters which means I will be doing some..........well lets rephrase that, I will be doing as much saltwater fly-fishing as I can, and also hopefully some fly-fishing for Yellow fish up on the highveld around Sterkfontein Dam or on the Vaal river, and also some trout fishing up in the Drakensburg mountains so if you see some different species its only me while I’m on my African adventures.