Monday, 22 December 2008

African adventures (II)

As soon as I stepped of the plane in Durban I was greeted with temperatures of +35’c…….yes it was hotter than a baboons arse sitting on a hot rock. The humidity was bearable but definitely noticeable….a far cry from the – 8’c I had left behind in Finland. Aaaah! its good to be back in Africa…….I just wish it was under different circumstances. All the sounds and smells came flooding back and I had forgotten how hectic even a small city like Durban was. I’m lucky in Finland if I see 20 people or more per day…….that’s unless I visit a town off course, but you don’t realize how busy and heavily populated a country is until you have visited Africa.

One thing is for shore though is I cant wait to get stuck into some saltwater fly-fishing again. I managed to tie several different flies before I left, some small minnow patterns as well as some larger mullet patterns for targeting ocean going Salmon.

I also tied some simple white feathered streamers with some red hackle tied in at the front and also some plain black streamers….pretty much what I would use for Pike here in Finland…..But they will be perfect for Garrick and Trevaley,Elf (Shad) in Sodwana bay up the north coast over the new year.


David Edwards said...


Condiments of the seasoning to you and yours... have a Cool Yule!