Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Must have fly for 2012!

So I've decided that one of the hooked flies I'll be fishing with for this season has to be one of my Lazyboy's. The dilemma is, is that I just cant make my mind up what colour combination I should settle on. All four of these variations have been very productive for me over the last 7 yrs and all at different times of the year. You can never go wrong with pink/white but would more than likely be a great Spring colour combo limiting its effectability during the other two seasons.

Chartreuse/Olive would also be a good Spring choice which could also be fished during the summer months around many of the shallower reed bed areas here.

Black/Red, well probably one of those colour combination that all pike fly anglers should have in their box.....I just don't think for this season I want it on a lazyboy as I'd want to be fishing this colour combo at a slightly deeper depth and most likely at dusk & dawn with a baitfish pattern.

The there is this Chartreuse/tan/Black combination which I think would be perfect for Spring/Summer & Autumn. I am going to play around with a black or brown tail before I make my final choice.I just feel this will serve me better than brighter coloured versions for this kind of surface/sub surface fly. Man, this is becoming harder to make the right choice with each passing day!