Friday, 30 March 2012

Fly Candy

Tied these small 100mm bucktail baitfish up for a number of species this season around the island. Ide are moving up into the ditches here to spawn at this present moment so in a couple of weeks once they have moved back out into the bays they wont think twice about taking one of these imitations. Then during summer time they'll get a good airing as the pike & perch start to feed extensively on the large shoals of Roach, bream & whitefish fry. With the sea freezing over here in January this year compaired to last October and with such a mild winter with half the amount of snow fall from last year, much of the larger tracks of water are going to be open 3 weeks sooner than previous years which will give me opportunity to get into many of the shallower bays earlier than usual hopefully opening up the way for some sight fishing before they go into spawning mode. towards the end of April......Fingers crossed we don't get some extremely unseasonal warm weeks of weather like last Spring.