Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Saltwater poppers

While were on the subject of poppers I was asked to tie up a loada poppers for Benoits "Le Mouching blog" trip to Caledonia next month targeting big GT's & Cuda.

I first started by shaping the cork head with a dremmel tool. Then sprayed them with 4 or 5 coats of either Black, white or red spray paint. once the paint had dried I then ran a strip of glue on top and underneath then sprinkled either Red, Blue or Green fine glitter over them.Stuck a couple of eyes on, brushed away the excess then Bug-bonded each head.

Most all have a white body with maybe a splash of black thrown in. All are around 160 mm long and weigh around 4 grams each.

I started by tying on a small sprig of bucktail towards the back of the hook near the bend. Then added some FFF Tinsel depending on the colour of the head.Then added another slightly larger (Longer) sprig of white bucktail. Then added either fosfori hair or goat hair to extend the body length.

Then I added one white Marabou hairline feather and finished off the tie with some red uv polar chenille. Seeings these are for large GT's each tie in point was super glued then head cemented twice for extra durability.I don't expect them to last a lifetime but each will catch a fair amount of fish if chucked into the right places.