Friday, 17 April 2009

Muskie on the fly - by Robert S Tomes

Wild river press has just released “Muskie on the fly” – by Robert s Tomes. Although I have never fished for this species I know many of you in the states have. If its anything like “Mastering Pike on the fly” – by Barry Reynolds then it’s a definite must for all you muskie on the fly fanatics.

This is what Barry had to say about it.

“At long last—a book that deals with this exciting
and often overlooked game fish. Guru Tomes knows
how to tackle this legendary fish of 10,000 casts
and now he shares his secrets with us. Muskie on
the Fly will shorten your learning curve. Whether
you chase muskies with a fly or conventional gear,
this book is a must!”

B a r r y R e y n o l d s