Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Durex condom Pike streamer

About a month ago I read an article from the which said that despite Australia's best efforts to supply safe-sex aids to AIDS-ravaged Papua New Guinea, there's no stopping local creativity in finding unusual uses for condoms. Local fisherman cut them up for lures, and women find the lubricant good for their hair and beauty regime.

It’s a fact that pike can be fooled into taking all manner of materials found on lures and flies, if presented to them correctly. It was only a few years back when I was in Russia that I witnessed a bloke catch a pike with just tin foil molded onto his hook. Which got me thinking if local fisherman in Papua New Guinea could catch tuna with condoms then how hard could it be to fool a pike into taking one..

So I’ve come up with the Durex condom pike streamer.

Not that I think you’ll want to tie one but here’s a step by step tutorial

Tie a small clump of mullet brown SF Flash blend onto the back of the hook

Add the condom next over the SF Flash blend. I used an extra ribbed one here

I then added 6 Peacock plumes for lateral lines

Next, palmer black and red hackle feathers on, & add stick on eyes and cover with clear resin.

John Gierach once wrote "If you fish the wrong fly long & hard enough! it will sooner or later become the right fly!"


Unknown said...

That's ridiculous. You could also inflate it and use it as a popper.

pikepicker said...

Nice work Simon and creativity! Hey last nite I caught a good pike probably around the 9lb range. This pike had the craziest and longest looking teeth I had ever seen...I have seen alot of pike teeth but these lookedmean! Take a look at my blogg I have a picture posted with a silver bomber in his mouth and see if it is just my emagination....Thanks bro...ken

dave lindsay said...

great idea that unfortunatly i only have them in triple xl size may be a bit hard to cast

Anonymous said...

You should try the multicolor or the glow in teh dark.

David Edwards said...

Bet you feel a right "dick" casting that ;)

b2v said...

less if you have a hard on... I mean a big hard and strong pike on your fly

but the question is...
what's next ? :))

Durex Avanti Condoms said...

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

hahaha I looked up streamer fly on google and this is what showed up.