Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Spring stats

Spring stats

72 days fished so far
385 fish caught before 12h00

9 blanks
357 after 12h00
412 caught on sunny or partly sunny days

281 on cloudy rainy days
136 caught on the west of the island

156 caught in the north of the island
92 caught in the centre of the island

77 caught in the east of the island
431 caught using a floating line

311 caught with an intermediate line
4 fish caught with the first cast of the session

516 caught while out wading or fishing from rocks
226 caught from boat

106 caught below 65 cm
139 caught between 65 cm - 70 cm

166 caught between 70 cm - 75 cm
177 caught between 75 cm – 80 cm

126 caught between 80 cm – 85cm
22 caught between 85 cm – 90 cm

6 caught between 90 cm – 95 cm

Largest 95cm

Smallest 21cm


124 Chartreuse; Chartreuse/white; chartreuse/black
135 Orange; Orange-black; Orange/white

141 Pink/black; Pink-white

118 Black; black/white; black/red; black/blue; black/yellow
52 Blue; blue/white

68 Flash variations

37 Red-white

Synthetic baitfish patterns

29 Perch patterns
14 Herring patterns
24 Bream patterns


Jota said...

Impressive stats!
Thanks for sharing, it's always helpfull, even if in Portugal we do not have the same weather or water conditions.

Pakistanfishing said...

The figures speaks for their selves impressive i must say...

Jabala said...

Those are some impressive stats, brother! Seems that you spend all your days fishing, I wish I could do the same one day!

J and M Flies said...

Wow! Very cool stats and very impressive. Nice work.

J & M Flies

Harmen-Jan said...

The only thing left is to break that 100 cm record. Let's try that next week.

All about the grab said...

Cheers lads